„Schmaler Grat – Fiktion und Realität“
(“The Thin Line – Fiction and Reality”)

Opening: Thursday, 15th September 2005, 7.30 p.m.
Music: Florian Mayer (violin)
Duration of exhibition: 16th September - 15th October 2005

Herewith I want to cordially invite you to an exhibition of works, in which NATURE is tangible in all its facets by the masterly handling of the medium watercolour – in its glory, vulnerability and power, its change, its laws and cross linking, in light, air, coldness, wetness, warmth, odours …

Almost every day Gottfried Körner tries for 60 years now to hold the fascination of nature in shape and colour at bay and his works show his intensive quest, his enviable power of observation and his professional ability for transformation.

We are looking forward very much to your coming to the exhibition opening!


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Further information about artist Gottfried Koerner and his work