Self-Perceptions of Dresden Artists
of the 20th and 21st Century

Exhibition opening: Thursday, 22nd November 2007, 7.30 p.m.
Duration of exhibition: 23rd November 2007 to 14th January 2008

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„Self-perception refers to the idea of somebody has got and makes, respectively, about himself/herself. Self-perception is in contrast to the perception others have about the person or to the external perception, which means the reflection by an outside, different person than oneself.
In principle all aspects („dimensions“) that somebody can have about his own person may belong to a self-image.
And that is exactly what mirrors the practical problem of meaning and definition.“
Translation from the German article on www.wikipedia.org about the topic.

The attraction of this exhibition is a completely different approach to this topic among the generations and of each individual artist. The abovementioned “problem of meaning and definition” holds a complexity in itself that enables a concentrated examination with the own SELF in any way. First and foremost the self certainly is artistic motive as well as every other source of inspiration, but in a sense it is “more”. How do I see, feel, think, scrutinise me, how do I depict this – with which technique, which colourfulness, which medium, which materials? Which aspects or dimensions are important to me, which are not: outward appearance, characteristics, profession, frame of mind, own environments, travels, relations, dreams, education, brainpower, experiences, property, spirituality, …? By self-perceptions we learn very personal details about the artist. Often these works hold a “key” to the understanding of the particular creative work. I am very pleased to be able to showcase to you 30 self-perceptions by 30 artists. I cordially invite you.
Sybille Nütt

Otto Dix
Hubertus Giebe
Conrad Felixmüller
Angela Hampel
Oskar Kokoschka
Peter Herrmann
Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler
Peter Graf
Fritz Tröger
Gottfried Körner
Curt Querner
Horst Leifer
Carl Lohse
Leonore Adler
Richard Müller
Matthias Bolz
Hans Körnig
Matthias Kistmacher
Werner Hofmann
Frank Hoffmann
Irene Rüther-Rabinowicz
Helene B. Grossmann
Gustav Schmidt
Michael Schwill
Ludwig Meidner
Katrin Feist
Herrmann Kohlmann
Viola Schöpe
Michael Goller
Michael Beckert
Mirjam Moritz