translation: "insider('s) view"

Elke Hopfe


ELKE HOPFE (born 1945) is one Germany's outstanding pencil sketch artist. For more than 40 years she has remained true to this medium and to the theme of "Humanity". As a Professor at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, she has made significant contributions to her field and at the same time imparted her impressive skills onto generations of students. Her style is to give every line or stroke serious consideration and once created, a level of persistency. Every line remains to serve a function, including erasable lines. It is the constant struggle between lines and strokes wrestling for survival that defines the final outcome of her artwork.
Elke Hopfe's drawings are bulky, not easily accessible, but if the viewer's eye follows the lines, a universe can open up.

Invitation (pdf)

In the sculpture cabinet:
Christin Mueller
ceramic sculptures

The sculptural work of CHRISTIN MUELLER (born 1974), a young artist from Halle, also shares Humanity as a theme, and is a complimentary pairing for the pencil sketches. The sculptures show vulnerability, appearing fragile on the outside with the surface full of intertwined cracks and fractures countered by a static, stable and vigorous internal structure. The interesting perspective in her style is to make the inside and outside visible simultaneously.

Invitation (pdf)

Opening: Thursday, 24.09.2015 . 19:30 h
Speech: Mr. Dr. Gisbert Porstmann (Director of municipal museum of Dresden)
Duration of exhibition: 25th of September - 07th of November 2015
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