„Vom Suchen und Finden“
(“Searching and Finding”)

Exhibition for reaching the emeritus status

exhibition opening: Saturday 20th January 2007, 4.00 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Karin Lindenkreuz
Vocalists: Christiana Weber (mezzo-soprano), Anne Richter (soprano) & Marco Stehl (tenor)
Duration of exhibition: 23rd January - 16th February 2007

The blank canvas means adventure, challenge and appetite at the same time. Impressions, memories, and thoughts wish for paint. In the careful handling of colours they reveal their secrets, their strengths and the life of their own. Visualizations run through changes and appear as abstraction and concretion, and take tangible sensual shape for the beholder.
Dr. Karin Lindenkreuz


Flyer (pdf)