Nicola Gibbons - New Zealand, artist in residence (paintings, acrylic)
Karen Rosski (oil paintings)
Helene B. Grossmann (paintings, acrylic)
Matthias Kistmacher (oil paintings)
Matthias Bolz (paintings, acrylic)
Michael Goller (oil paintings)
Armin Baumgarten (oil paintings & plastic art)

Ursula Guettsches (sculptures, sandstone and ceramics)
Ines Westenhoefer (sculptures, carrara marble)
Ute Großmann (objects, pottery, ceramics)
Charlott Szukala (sculptures, wood)
Siegfried Haas (sculptures, wood)
Nico Teichmann (sculptures, wood)
Frank Schauseil (plastic art, bronze)
Matthias Jackisch (sculptures, sandstone and bronze)

Exhibition reception: Saturday, 11th of August 2012, 11-15h
Duration of the exhibition: until 08th of September 2012
Opening hours: Tue - Fri 11 a. m. - 6 p. m. / Sat 10 a. m. - 13 p. m.


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