„just ART“

Opening: Thursday, 26th October 2006, 7.30 p.m.
Duration of exhibition: 27th October to 25th November 2006.

This time I want to invite you cordially to an exhibition of works that owe their emergence to a deeply meditative and slow method of operation of the artist – for example it takes time to transfer 33,800 blossoms on to canvas. It is only possible to understand the painting technique, charisma and effect of these works directly in front of the up to 2m x 2m big works of art. One has to surrender to the play of ornamental overall impression, to the fluorescent dazzling effect of several colours, to the finding of details and the recognition of the familiar in it, which is holding ready under specific light (black light) but again formed up differently and with mysterious massages in unfamiliar language…

I am looking forward to your visit at the exhibition opening. The artist himself will speak about his art works.


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