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About us

The concept of the gallery is based upon the knowledge about the quality of the Dresden Painting School, the influence of this unique city landscape and the oldest German speaking Art Academy with it´s significant teachers for inspiration and development of artistic assets of current living and working artists. Famous artists in history and present of art possess the „humus“ of Dresden and play a vital role in the international art market. Therefore we occupy ourselves intensively with the contemporary art of Dresden. This is for us a challenge, a passion, a profession and a fulfillment.

The gallery represents artist who lives or lived in Dresden, who completed their education at the Art Academy or who were autodidactics.

We exhibit 4 to 5 single exhibitions per year. One of these exhibition are portray an artist who has no direct correlation to Dresden, however, their work in our view possesses impressive qualities. Every exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue or a prospect. Additionally to contemporary art, we possess a special knowledge of Dresden´s art of the 20th century and therefore, we mediate your interests further or research special artists and their works.


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Infos about the location and surroundings

Our Gallery for contemporary art is located in the Historic Baroque District Dresden, only a 10-minute walk from Dresden's Old Town on the other side of the Elbe river. We are part of the Art Quarter with numerous galleries, museums, antique shops and artisans.